のんびりとした居心地の良さの中で、伝統ある湯治場や温泉文化に触れ合いながら、音楽という新しい風を感じる事で、 来場者、そして地域の人々にも非日常的な体験をしてもらい、新たな東北文化を創造し、日本・世界へ発信して行ければと思います。
最後にこの肘折国際音楽祭を通じて、日本全体で失われつつある古き良き地域工芸、里山の恩恵、伝統ある民族文化などが 未来を生きる子供たちに継承されていく事を希望します。



Hijiori --a quiet hot spring village with Ryokan hostiles lined in the beauty of traditional taste along the Dozan River in the foothill of Mt. Gassan, the highest peak in Three Great Dewa Mountains where a sound of Geta clogs echoes fill the entire village of one of the oldest, more than 1,200 years of history, hot springs in the nation.

We are very happy to host our international music festival, and excited for all participants and the local residents to feel the extraordinary moments to create a brand new culture of Tohoku and spread the words to the rest of Japan and the world through experiencing music in relaxed environments and moods across therapeutic bath and the culture of hot springs.

We also hope you enjoy the closed unexploredness of Hijiori with 3 and more meters height of snow walls surrounding all over the village.

In conclusion to our greetings, we wish all the local treasure, endangered craftsmanship, blessings from the beautiful nature and traditions of ethnic culture, to be passed on to our children of future generations through Hijiori International Music Festival.

Committee of Hijiori International Music Festival